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The successful supply of PPE - an essential guide

Supplying the European market with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can be a daunting process. This is because there are many legal requirements that must be met. This website is a guide through the maze of standards and legislation which face the supplier – essentially a step-by-step guide to attaining your goal – the successful supply of PPE.

The first important step towards successfully supplying PPE is to understand the terminology of the process. If you want to supply products, if you want to find your way through the maze, and stay within the law, then you are advised to follow all the steps of this guide.

SATRA Technology Centre is a European Notified Body (0321) and has a team of experts on hand to help you through the process of testing and certification of your products to meet the requirements of the PPE Directive.

This essential PPE guide will give you the background information that you require to have a basic understanding of the tests that need to be carried out to meet specific international standards. It will also answer many of those questions that you have as a supplier entering the European marketplace. However, there may be further help you need and our team at SATRA are here ready to assist you.

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